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Support for Maths in your Work Life

Transform Your Work Life

Increase your confidence at work, or secure that dream role, by improving your basic maths skills with Multiply.

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Improve Your Work Life with Multiply

By improving your basic maths skills you’ll become much more confident and much more employable. Not only that, but you’ll be able to take on roles that are paid more and you can progress further.

Multiply helps people to improve their basic maths skills for FREE, and we can do this because we are fully funded by the government.

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Work Life Benefits of Improving Your Basic Maths Skills

By improving your basic maths skills with us, you’ll see real benefits in your work life:

  • Increased confidence with numbers
  • The ability to apply for more jobs
  • Progress further at work
  • The ability to earn more money
  • Use basic maths skills in daily life
  • Improve your skills in your own time (in person or online)
  • Access higher levels of free training

We work with people at every stage of their work life. You might just be starting out in your first job, you might be looking for a job, or you might have worked for years and want to progress further or change the type of work you do. Some of our learners want to change their careers completely, or turn their hobby into a business and just need some support to figure out the costs around this. Whatever your situation, we have the right team in place to help.

How Improving Your Basic Maths Skills Benefits Your Work Life

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The Care Sector

If you work in the care sector, in order to do your job well or get a higher position, you might need to put a staff rota together. We’ll work with you and your employer to create a package of support that’s tailored to your needs so that you can develop the precise basic maths skills you need. This means that you’ll be able to do your job more confidently and effectively, and you’ll be able to progress further and be paid more.

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The retail sector

If you work in a shop, you’ll need to make as much profit as you can. This could involve planning special offers on certain products. You’ll need to work with numbers to figure out how to put these offers together, and it could include adding numbers together, taking away amounts, and looking at percentages. Talk to us about the precise areas you need help with, and we’ll ensure you get the support you need.

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The Hospitality Sector

As a chef, you may be asked to reduce the amount you spend on ingredients so that the cost of food can be kept down for customers. We can help you look at budgeting and cost of living skills to make it easier for you, making things much less stressful for you and your employer.

Get the Support You Need

You can work with us in your own time, or you can work with us alongside your employer to get the precise support you need. All of our time and support is provided for free.

We’re delivering Multiply in places across York and North Yorkshire, including Harrogate, Scarborough, Richmondshire, Ryedale, Craven, Hambleton, Selby and more.

Our sessions are delivered both in person and online (through our CENTURY app), so you’ll be able to find the right opportunity for you. We have expert delivery partners working throughout the area to help you improve your basic maths skills so that you can thrive, both at work and at home.

Who Said Numbers are Boring?

Our short and snappy courses cover a wide range of subjects and tackle numbers in a really fun way. We have food courses (try A Taste of Italy or Air Fryer Food), finance courses, a Getting Ready for Christmas course, and courses based around online safety. There’s something for everyone, so take a look at what’s available now.

To improve your basic maths skills in your own time using our CENTURY please fill in the form below and we’ll send you logins and more support information.

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If you need any support with the app please email us at

Benefits of Our Basic Maths Skills Programme for Employers

We also work with employers and we support you to increase the skills of your workforce. Employers that work with us see many benefits, including:

  • Better staff performance
  • More confident workers
  • Bespoke programmes of support for employees
  • Improved business efficiency
  • Reduced skills gaps
  • Save costs on training – we’ll support you for free

Some employers struggle to fill certain roles because the people applying for them may lack skills in certain areas. Many skills gaps often crop up around numeracy. Numeracy is about understanding numbers and being able to use them in everyday tasks both at work and at home. We work with both employers and job seekers to improve basic maths skills and get roles filled. Improving skills means that people can perform well in their new jobs, which clearly benefits both employers and job seekers.

Any business in York and North Yorkshire, no matter how small or large, can access our support for free. We’ll provide a bespoke skills programme for your business to fill any basic maths skills gaps your employees have. We can even train one of your employees to become a numeracy champion so they can then support and train people in your business for years to come.


Maths in the workplace

Employers – Take Action Today

If you’re an employer that could benefit from our work to reduce the skills gap of candidates or your current employees, then please contact Christine Brass, at our partners Better Connect, now on: or call her on 01423 795306.

Improving basic maths skills opens up new opportunities for job seekers, employees and employers – get your free support today.

work life support
work life support

Your Local Adult Numeracy Support System

Our local delivery partners are trusted community organisations located throughout York and North Yorkshire. By working through these organisations, our support is provided in local venues instead of more traditional classroom settings. This creates a supportive, guided, but low-pressure environment for our learners.

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