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Spring and summer activities with Multiply

Spring and summer activities with Multiply

Most of the maths in the workshops listed, is hidden in the enjoyable activities we incorporate into the sessions. This is to demonstrate how we often use maths without even realising that we're doing it!

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To book onto one of the fantastic workshops we have on offer, get in touch with a member of the team on:

Marvellous Maths

Two-hour session aimed at parents and carers of children aged 4-12 years, supporting them to develop their children’s love of maths. We introduce them to the Century maths app, which offers free online courses for adults and there is a reward of a £20 shopping voucher for every course completed on Century. There is an option for the session we deliver to end with some ‘family learning’ time, where the children join their adults in a carousel of fun maths-related activities.


Murder Mystery

A popular and fun-filled event completing tasks and working as a team to eliminate suspects from the list and uncover the murderer to win a prize. A 2-hour session of problem solving and intrigue. This session can be extended to incorporate creating your own Murder Mystery game to host with family and friends.


Wreath Making

Spend two hours making a sustainable wreath which you can bring out again and again, rather than keep replacing every year. In the session, you will use maths to measure and calculate as you create a ‘ribbon wreath’, selecting your own colours and patterns to match your decor or the season. Wreaths can be for Christmas, Autumn, Spring, Easter etc depending on the colours used.


Soup and Smoothie Workshops

Low budget ingredients to make the most healthy soups (can be made within 20 mins) and the most nutritious smoothies. All fresh, basic ingredients, to help you eat better, have more energy and help with the cost of living on your shopping bills! All fresh ingredients, no junk, and a way to learn about wholesome food that will help you spend less whilst eating better!


A Taste of Italy

This can be offered as one x 2 hour session or as two x 2 hour sessions, and is designed to give you a taste of Italian food, language and culture, with interesting facts, fun quizzes and of course some pasta making – all using numbers. You’ll also receive a free copy of “Healthy Italian for Less” by Gino D’Acampo to help you try out some nutritious Italian recipes at home. Buon appetito!


Wellness with Food

This one-off two hour session is designed to look into superfoods and how they support wellness. Activities include working out portion sizes and the value of nutrients in diet. This would suit individuals who are looking to move on to Functional Skills at level one or above.


Soap & Candle Making

This one-off two hour session is designed to look into the basics of soap and candle making. Activities include working out the amounts of each product and the value of making your own soap and candles. This would suit individuals who are looking to start a new hobby or even a small business.


Progression to a better future

This is a 6 week course that will prepare you with some basic maths skills and knowledge to help you progress to a better future. You will look at the basic skills for the following topics: making calculations, money, time, temperature, fractions, decimals and percentages. There is an opportunity to receive a free laptop.


Making the Most of Your Air Fryer

In this three-hour session you will get hints, tips and ideas to help get the most from your air fryer. You will try several different recipes and learn to calculate the cooking time and select the correct temperature, when compared to a fan oven. There is currently a lot of hype about how much energy an air fryer can save. We will support you to calculate the energy usage of air fryers and other kitchen appliances so you can decide which is the most energy efficient method for cooking. You will take home a ‘Healthy Air Fryer’ cook book.

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“I haven’t worked for about 15 years as I have five children. My husband works full-time so trying to juggle children is quite difficult, for childcare. It’s my time now. My youngest is seven this year and it’s my time to get back to work. “Even though I did an NVQ level 3 in teaching assistance 12 years ago, I didn’t resit my maths and English, so they’re still CSEs, not even a GCSE, so I need to put myself out there and try and do it."

Karen, who took part in Cooking on a Budget with Colburn Community Hub, said…

Make a Keepsake Soft Toy

In this two-hour session you will learn how to make your own small soft toy to take home. You will look at stitching and wadding techniques and working with patterns in a fun and supportive environment and can learn the basic skills to craft a memory soft toy from your special old clothes at home. You will take home a sewing kit to get you started on your stitching journey.


‘Taskmaster’ Style Team Challenge

Based on the popular TV show, this fun two-hour session involves teams competing to complete a series of tasks, with points awarded in each round by the Taskmaster. You will use team working skills, creativity and logic to find a solution together. To add to the fun, all the tasks involve the use of a box of Lego bricks. Are you up for the challenge? Can you impress the Taskmaster and win the prize?


Planning an Eco-friendly Party

Two or four-hour session to do your bit for the environment and ditch the plastic and waste associated with parties. Learn mathematical facts and figures about waste and use measure and calculations as you make your own decorations, such as bunting, piñatas, and rosettes and get ideas on sustainable party bags and gifts.

These sessions can be themed around seasonal events such as Halloween, Easter, Christmas, or for birthdays.


Supporting Under 5’s with Maths

In this two-hour session, parents with children in nursery or reception can gain new ideas to help their child learn, while having fun together! You will explore current teaching methods and find the best way to support your child in nursery and reception. You will take away FREE resources to use together at home!


Perch Perfect & Buzzing Palace

In this two-hour session, you will discuss all things nature and the benefits of providing a happy home for those wildlife creatures we depend on. You will have the opportunity to create your own home for these wildlife creatures while having fun and putting your creative skills to the test in a friendly environment to help build confidence.


Plants for Free

In this two-hour session you will learn about plants that can be grown from scraps and cuttings. Make and plant herb cuttings with us as we guide you through a range of processes in growing new edible plants from old. You will take home your herbs as well as lots of ideas and a free grow maze to watch your handiwork grow.


School Holiday Fun on a Budget

In this two-hour session, you will get a ‘passport’ full of free and low-cost ideas for keeping your family busy during the school holiday: indoor and outdoor activities at home, cooking together, free days out and local attractions. You will also get tips and hints on budgeting to help you stay within your own budget and save up for special days out.


Mocktails and Maths

This is a fun quiz involving making delicious mocktails, using ratios, whilst refreshing our general knowledge and maths skills with a fun pub-style quiz. A two-hour session that leaves everyone feeling a sense of achievement.