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Maths Games, Quizzes & Resources

Strengthen your numeracy skills with our resources and maths games for adults.

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The Benefits of Our Resources and Maths Games for Adults

Our resources and maths games for adults will give you more confidence with numbers, and help you see how maths is involved in everything we do. They’re a really fun way to expand your skills, and will help to normalise maths, and show you how maths can help you.

Some of our resources and maths games for adults give you real life situations so you’ll be able to relate to them really well. They also help you to practise your numeracy skills and use what you’ve learnt at our events, courses and activities.

Our everyday life includes maths all the time; we just don’t realise it. Measuring out food whilst cooking involves numbers. Putting a shopping list together and budgeting for the week involves maths. Planning when to leave to catch the bus uses maths. Our interactive games will help you to get better at all these things, and this can help you plan more, and save money.

Numbers are also used all the time in your work life. If you’re struggling with numeracy it might hold you back and prevent you getting jobs that pay more. Putting rotas together, budgeting for stationary or equipment, and assigning tasks all use maths.

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Quizzes, Games & Resources to Supplement Your Learning

Our resources and maths games for adults get you improving your maths skills without you even realising it. They’re fun, and they make you want to continue to move up through the levels and achieve more.

They are also a great way to embed everything you’ve learnt during our support sessions, activities and courses. They’re not a replacement for them, but they help you to practise the skills you’re improving.

There are lots of online games, quizzes and resources that you can access whenever you want, wherever you are.


Strengthen Your Skills With Our Maths Games for Adults

Sat waiting for the bus? Have a go at one of these:

National Numeracy is a charity that helps people in the UK to “get on with numbers so they can get on in life”. Sign up (for free) and get involved with their National Numeracy Challenge to start improving your skills now.

Star Dash Studios is a free smartphone game aimed at young people (although anyone can use it). The game’s based on a movie set, and the player is a runner who’s set missions to complete. By using everyday skills the player can collect coins and help crew members to complete everything on their task list. There are ranks to move up as the player completes tasks, starting as a runner, and progressing through six work stages to become a producer.

We’ll be adding many more maths games for adults here as we go forwards – keep checking back for new games to take part in.

Our resources and maths games for adults are a great way to get better with numbers. Find out more about other fun activities you can do with us now.

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Games & Quizzes

Have a go at our games and quizzes to get your mind going.

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Maths games for adults

Useful Links

Check out our maths resources – handy websites, including activities and videos to keep you and your family’s maths brains ticking.

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