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Multiply Awards 2024



At the Multiply Awards we celebrated the amazing achievements of some of the 6,000 people who have engaged in the Multiply programme in the last year. Here’s who won awards along with their powerful stories. Congratulations everyone!

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MultiplyNYorks awards 2024

Our Multiply Winners 2024

As year two of the MultiplyNYorks programme draws to a close the big news is that Multiply has worked with over 6,000 people across York and North Yorkshire.

We’ve had an amazing amount of engagement on the programme so far and we are really proud to present awards to some of the people who have participated in the programme in the last 12 months at our awards ceremony at the Principal Hotel in York.

Excitingly, the awards were presented by comedian and Yorkshire native Maisie Adam, so as well as collecting awards we got to rub shoulders with a celebrity for the day.

Our winners were selected from over 250 nominations from our partners. Which made our job of narrowing them down very difficult indeed, a huge well done to every single one of our nominees.

We were overwhelmed with the quality of nominations that were put forward, it’s clear to see that Multiply has seen a lot of fantastic people take part this past year.

Because of that, some of our award categories have two winners: a highly commended person and an overall winner.

Group Achievement

This award recognises the achievement of a group of learners.

Chloe and Kacey – Winner

Three learners were nominated by Katie who works at the Personalised Learning College. This group of learners recently took a trip to Maths City in Leeds which they loved. They used their maths skills to price up train tickets and follow the timetable to estimate their arrival time.
Speaking of their Multiply experience, one of the learners said: “When I think of Maths it made me feel confused and in a pickle. Now it makes me feel more smarter, strong and helps me feel more a young adult.”

Celebrating the Journey

This award is all about celebrating those who have grabbed Multiply with both hands and have really benefited thanks to their own hard work and determination.

Michael Joyce – Highly Commended

Our highly commended learner started attending Multiply sessions with his partner, Leanne because he wanted to get out of the house and meet more people. He started attending to support his partner so he could look after their small child in the sessions. After attending a few sessions, he gained more confidence and became more involved in the learning, showing strength in practical everyday maths skills such as estimating and measuring.

He most recently attended the Supporting under 5’s Maths course on his own and contributed some fantastic ideas about engaging young children in maths at bath and snack time.

Michael Joyce – Highly Commended

Niamh Pitwood – Winner

On Tuesdays, Niamh attends Mixed Crafts sessions with Lisa Newman (art specialist). Niamh is a talented artist and loves to draw and create. She loves the Mixed Craft /Arts and has not missed a session since they started in November. These craft sessions, funded by the Multiply initiative, have offered the opportunity to demonstrate that ‘maths is all around us in our day-to-day lives’ and that maths knowledge and skills are used and needed in many activities.

Niamh - MultiplyNYorks Winner

Most Supportive

Susan Dixon – Winner

This learner has attended several Multiply courses with her mum as her mum’s carer. Despite being there as a carer for her mum, this learner began participating in all of the activities and ended up not just supporting her mum, but all the other learners on the course too.

She’s used the skills she developed on the course in everyday life and has even shown them to her family and friends.

Susan Dixon - Winner

Most Progress Made

This award recognises the journey that some learners have been on and the progress that they have made thanks to Multiply.

Jane Cochrane – Highly Commended

This learner has faced barriers to learning that she has worked hard to overcome, she lacks confidence in her own abilities but has pushed herself to learn and has even been found helping other members of the group since her confidence has increased.

Jane Cochrane – Highly Commended

Jonathan Edwards – Winner

This learner originally took part in a short photography and maths course as he was really keen to photograph in the local environment. This enabled Jonathan to start thinking about measurements and distances. He then took part in a two-day budgeting course to cope with the cost-of-living crisis where he took a very active part, sharing experiences and getting involved in working out the answers to some questions involving money, percentages, fractions as well as addition and subtraction in everyday life.

His nominator said it’s clear to see how much confidence Jonathan has gained throughout his journey which is what Multiply is all about.

Jonathan Edwards - Winner

Biggest achievement

This award celebrates some of the fantastic accomplishments our learners have celebrated. This award doesn’t have a highly commended, just a winner.

Mozghan and Sonia Omari – Winners

We first heard about these learners at our partnership development day a couple of weeks ago and it’s fair to say, I was blown away by what they have achieved.

These two ladies are mother and daughter who left Afghanistan for Skipton back in 2021 and thanks to Multiply, have taken their love of cooking and entertainment and made it into a successful business.

Using budgeting, pricing, calculation of overheads and profit margins along with their cooking skills, these two learners set up a pop up restaurant. It’s been so successful, they’ve had to add an additional two dates to cater for the demand.

Mozghan and Sonia - Winners

Most committed

Samer and Fatima – Highly Commended

These two learners took part in a bread making course run by Multiply and it’s had a large impact on their lives after they completed the course and got to take a bread maker home with them.

As a family of 7, it’s important that their money goes as far as possible so spending a lot of money on buying gluten-free products for their coeliac daughter was an issue.

Thanks to Multiply, they compared the cost of buying bread from a supermarket versus producing their own bread using gluten-free flour. But it didn’t stop with making bread, they’ve got creative with their bread maker, even making gluten-free chocolate cake and playing with ratios to make larger batches of bread to share with their classmates.

Nathan Patterson – Winner

This learner first started taking part in Multiply to gain some independence. He hadn’t been in paid employment for a while due to some health struggles.

He wanted to learn how to be more independent and save money so he could rent his own flat and move out of his parents home. He felt he was spending too much money on things that had no meaning or significance to his life. Working with Rise, he looked at his monthly incomings and outgoings and discussed ways in which he can save more money. He cancelled some unused subscriptions, secured a cheaper mobile phone plan, started to pay his parents monthly rent, put more money into his savings account each month and is enjoying watching his savings grow.

He now volunteers three afternoons a week in a local charity shop and is helping his mum at home and learning the essential life skills he will need to live independently and has a totally different outlook on life with the support from the Multiply project.

Nathan Patterson - Winner

Learner of the Century

We’ve had over 900 learners undertake learning on the Century Tech app. Some learners have spent hours learning on century tech which is fantastic.

This learner fully embraced the career pathway classes within Century and dedicated hours to working through a variety of classes. She enjoyed the variety of maths and said it helped to focus her mind away from some anxiety in her life.

Molly Parker – Winner

This learner was nominated by one of our fantastic members of Multiply staff, Laura. Laura has told us such wonderful things about this learner and how she’s approached returning to learning as an adult.

This learner faced some challenges at school and ended up leaving without any qualifications at 13 years old. Laura worked with her to build confidence and ensure she had a positive experience with education moving forward. This started with some fun Multiply courses such as Angie’s Murder Mystery along with some century lessons. This has then motivated Molly to go on and undertake more learning including her Functional Skills Maths qualification.

Molly Parker - Winner

Group Achievement

‘It’s a Wrap’ – Winner

This group of learners are from the Refugee Resettlement Program with Adult Learning North Yorkshire. Back in December, this group very kindly spent their time wrapping presents for other refugees in the area so that they had gifts over the festive period and could enjoy the celebrations and feel part of the British way of life.

They used their maths skills to measure out the wrapping paper and they used shape and measure to work out how to wrap different shaped gifts, they used money management to buy gifts from their own money worked out timings to ensure gifts arrived on time.

Learner of the Year

Kian Gurney – Highly Commended

First up we have a learner who is truly inspirational. Working with Coterminous CIC, this learner returned to York from Manchester due to his alcohol dependency. He left behind a partner and 3-year-old daughter.

Multiply has been ideal for this element of support, as he felt guilty over the amount of alcohol he consumed, the impact on his ability to support his daughter, and time spent in communication with family. Through shared experiences of addictive behaviours, he focussed on the numerical and financial changes he could make, reviewing his weekly spending and moving from monthly to weekly payments for accommodation. This reduced his available finances and, in turn, what he could spend on alcohol.

He then produced a CV to try and secure some voluntary work which then turned into paid part-time employment as a cleaner; which involved leaving home at 5am every day. He’s kept up that job and has also started working in B&M and is no longer alcohol dependent.

Kian Gurney – Highly Commended

Katie Bland – Winner

This learner is part of a cohort of parents at a school in Filey, most work available is seasonal and low paid. This learner lives in a single parent household with dependent children and is desperate to break this repetitive cycle. She has attended courses to increase her confidence and through Multiply funding she has worked hard to overcome low confidence and self esteem to flourish. She has developed increased maths skills, increased IT skills, increased well-being and increased opportunities.

As part of this supported progression Katie has secured a placement at Filey school and is now a happy, confidence and accomplished team member. Katie is motivated and is using this journey to take advantage of opportunities to build a better future for herself and her family. Katie is doing additional voluntary hours to the 100 needed for her level 2 certificate placement and is also doing an online Autism course with Adult Learning North Yorkshire.

Multiply has created these opportunities but Katie has grabbed them.

Katie Bland - Winner

Special Award

Mavis Towl – Winner

This is our last award. We hadn’t actually planned on having this award but when we found out about this lady, we had to recognise her in some way.
Mavis has Alzheimer’s and originally started attending Multiply sessions for the social aspect and to keep her mind busy. However during the sessions, Mavis was able to refresh her memory with the maths skills and found that she could still remember different bits.

Multiply allowed her to build on her hidden knowledge of the topic and build her confidence despite the struggles she faces on a day to day basis. Mavis supported her peers and was delighted when she was successful with her responses to the maths in each task.

She’s also used the skills learnt to use her air fryer which has helped her maintain her independence while using her timing skills.

Mavis Towl – Winner

MultiplyNYorks awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024
Multiply Awards 2024