They’ve represented at various events, monitored paperwork, collaborated with partners on merchandise, brainstormed engagement activities – and even met PM Rishi Sunak!

One of the more recent events the Better Connect Multiply team attended, was Building Best Practice meeting organised by Autism Plus’s Charlotte Witty. Sitting around a table in Bonnet’s café, we talked all things engagement, and opportunities for cross-partner collaboration with Futureworks NY and Age UK.



How partners are supporting people

Whilst the meeting centred in part on how to engage more people in conversations about maths and finances (using things like transport timetables & benefits checks), it was also an opportunity for our partners to reflect on how they are currently supporting their participants. Monthly budgeting, using easy to understand language around finances, creating repayment plans, and engaging participants in numbers fun through Futureworks’ wood and upcycling workshop – Furnitureworks – have all been on the agenda for our Scarborough partners.

Troubleshooting also played a part in the discussion, namely, how to combat the vicious cycle that many of the participants are stuck in. It’s an all too familiar story, individuals finding work and coming off benefits only to realise they can no longer afford rent, food or basic amenities and were financially better off before. We talked about a ground-up approach, equipping participants early on with the skills to budget effectively and linking in with Job Centre Work Coaches so that new claimants can learn how to manage their money from their first claim.

For Autism Plus, creating visual budgeting and scheduling aids has also played a large role in supporting their neurodiverse participants too – “a visual for so many people just works, it worked for kids at school so why can’t it work for adults”.

The partners are doing a brilliant job of supporting their participants, it was a pleasure to hear first-hand the creative, considerate approaches they’re employing to inspire numbers confidence!