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A celebration of MultiplyNYorks and our delivery partners



We brought some of our delivery partners together to share their Multiply success stories.

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Multiply North Yorkshire Partners Day

In February we brought some of our delivery partners together for a little celebration in York. It was so nice to see everyone there, catch-up, share success stories on the Multiply programme and discuss the awful weather, it was terrible snow that day and some of our partners had travelled in from some of the remoter parts of Yorkshire.

Lois Calvert, Multiply Development Manager ran the session and she started by going over the huge impact Multiply has had in York and North Yorkshire in the last year.

  • 3,620 in York and North Yorkshire engaged with Multiply and its delivery partners
  • 200 families benefited from free air fryers helping them to reduce costs and prepare healthy meals at home
  • 600 people used the Century app the online system which helps develop numeracy skills

These results are a huge testament to the support our partners and the Multiply team have provided to the community in the region.

But what really brings them to life are the real stories our partners shared with us about how Multiply has had a profound and, in some cases, life-changing effect on people who have participated in the programme.

We were lucky enough that our partners were really happy to share their stories and we captured a few here.

Charlotte Witty Autism Plus

Yesmien Bagh Ali Craven College

Christine Harrison Adult Learning North Yorkshire

Helen Jefferies Multiply

Multiply Partners Day
Partners day Multiply North Yorkshire

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