Local Events & Adult Maths Courses

Multiply provides a wide range of adult maths courses and these are delivered throughout York and North Yorkshire, as well as online.

We’re able to provide a variety of courses and locations due to the fact that we work with over 20 partner organisations. These organisations are rooted within the local community and have specialist knowledge in the areas that their adult maths courses cover. You can find out more directly from our partner organisations, or by contacting Christine Brass, our Multiply Programme Manager: call Christine on: 01423795300 or email her at: cbrass@betterconnect.org.uk

adult maths courses in Yorkshire

Improve Your Life At Home & Work

Research shows that if you struggle with numbers you’re likely to be at a disadvantage in your work life. You’re more likely to earn less money, and you’re also at a higher risk of being unemployed.

We estimate that the 16 million workers in the UK with low numeracy skills are currently earning an average of nearly £1,600 less per year than they could if they had a basic level of numeracy. www.probonoeconomics.com

By improving your numeracy skills, you’ll get more chances to progress and to earn more going forwards. Taking part in our adult maths courses and activities is a fun and creative way to improve your skills and give yourself more job opportunities. If there’s something specific that would help you at work or at home, let us know and we’ll provide you with the precise support you need.

You’re not alone with this - half of the people in the UK have low numeracy skills. That’s why we’re here to help. Look through our fantastic range of activities that will improve your daily use of numbers, both at home and at work.

adult maths courses and events in Yorkshire

How to Access Our Adult Maths Courses

Our friendly team will be attending lots of events to provide you with information and advice about what’s available. Keep an eye out for us - we should be easy to spot with our eye-catching stand.

There’ll be information about our adult maths courses up in local community centres and other venues. You can also speak to any of our delivery partners or have a look through the Multiply course guide now to see what you might like to get involved in. If you’d like to book onto one of our adult maths courses, or if you have any questions or concerns you’d like to talk through, get in touch now by emailing: multiplyteam@northyorks.co.uk.

If you have an idea for useful adult maths courses that we’re not providing at the moment, just let us know. We’re always open to new ideas and want to ensure we’re providing the right activities and courses for you. We can create anything around numbers, so set us a good challenge.

adult maths courses online

Adult Maths Courses In Person & Online

Whilst many of our courses are delivered in person, we also have adult maths courses available online. The huge benefit to this is that you can take part in them at a time and NY place that suits you. This makes it easier to fit it in around your work and/or family life.

Access Our Online Multiply Courses

Our online learning portal is accessed using our CENTURY app. To use it you simply sign up below and use one of our class codes below.

  • Multiply: Building Confidence in Maths 5YJZ2A

If you have any trouble using the app, or need any advice or support with it, please email us straight away at: multiplyteam@northyorks.co.uk.

To improve your basic maths skills in your own time using our CENTURY app please fill in the form below and we’ll send you logins and more support information.

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Your Commitment

Each person’s journey with us will be different depending on your needs and availability. You can commit to as much or as little as you like, and pick and choose the activities and adult maths courses that work for you.

Some people might do small amounts at a time to build up their confidence around numbers, whilst others might get fully involved and do a lot very quickly. There’s no right or wrong way to learn and improve, and we’ll support you in the way that works best for you. Learn at your own pace, and develop skills in a way that you find fun and helpful.

If you want to secure your maths GCSE, we can help you to develop your foundational adult numeracy skills first. We’ll then connect you with North Yorkshire Adult Learning and York Learning who’ll help you to get your qualification.