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About Multiply

About the Multiply Project

Supporting your adult maths journey, whatever your level.

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What is the Multiply Project?

The Multiply project covers York and North Yorkshire and is led by a dedicated central team. It’s been created by a strong partnership between the Adult Learning Service of North Yorkshire Council, City of York Council’s York Learning, and a consortium led by Better Connect.

We’re proud to have more than 20 delivery partners across York and North Yorkshire ensuring that we provide something for everyone. This means that we can cover a large area, and provide the right support for you. We’re passionate about the Multiply project because it will help you to increase your life opportunities and support your family.

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How Multiply Can Help You

Families have seen rapidly increased pressure on their finances in the last few years. The cost of living crisis has made a deep impact on how much people can afford, and it’s important to keep an eye on spending, now more than ever.

The Multiply project can support you to save money with your shopping, and it can help you learn new skills to manage your money. We’ve seen a hugely positive impact on people and families who’ve worked with us. Their money goes further and they can access more opportunities and activities, including things that they couldn’t afford to take part in before.

We all use maths every single day of our lives, we just don’t know we’re doing it.

Our events and activities reflect this sentiment because the people that take part in them don’t feel that they’re learning maths skills at all. They’re busy having fun and their real maths achievements are revealed at the end of our sessions. Our Multiply project activities are creative, innovative and truly enjoyable, which is the best way to learn.

Maths Anxiety and Dyscalculia

We understand that many people have maths anxiety and this can really hold you back. It can create physical symptoms that are hard to manage. It can also affect your choices; maths anxiety might stop you applying for a job or a promotion, or stop you helping your children with their homework.

Dyscalculia is a condition that makes using numbers very difficult and this can affect a lot of your everyday activities. Whilst we can’t change the fact that you have dyscalculia, we can help you to manage it and to find ways to improve your confidence and ability to use numbers in daily tasks.

If you have maths anxiety or dyscalculia, our Multiply project will help you to develop confidence with numbers by taking very small steps into learning. We use fun activities to fully engage you, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed and you probably won’t even realise that you’re doing maths at all.

We Know the Multiply Project Works

In the UK, half of the people at working-age (49%) have the same numeracy skills as a primary school child, and this greatly holds them back. Our support challenges and changes this.

The Multiply project has helped more than 3,000 people in York and North Yorkshire to improve their maths skills within the last year alone. They’ve taken part in activities they enjoy, and learnt at a pace that’s right for them.

“Thank you for the smoothie workshop yesterday, I enjoyed it very much. Could you sign me up for your soup making workshop please?”

Linda, one of our learners

We can help you too – have a look at our list of activities to see what you might like. Enjoy cooking? Try our Taste of Italy course. Are you a football fan? Then join our fantasy football league (league code 6ve90y). All of our activities are provided free of charge.

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Is the Multiply Project for You?

The Multiply project is open to anyone that lives in York and North Yorkshire that’s over 19 years of age and that doesn’t have a maths qualification at GCSE grade 4/C (or equivalent).

If you want to improve the way that you use numbers in your daily life, we’ll support you.

There’s no right or wrong way to learn with us. You can chat to us at our outreach events, which happen at places like supermarkets, festivals and racecourses. We have a great variety of courses, activities and competitions for you to take part in. Some of these are in person, and some are online, so you can choose the right thing for you. Whatever your needs are around numbers, the Multiply project has something that will help you, and it’s all free of charge.

If you want to continue your learning, we can point you in the right direction. We’ll give you information about what you can do next, including working towards a GCSE in maths, if that’s what you want to do.

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Businesses and employers

Is there a basic maths skills gap in your workforce that’s slowing things down or preventing growth? If you’re in York or North Yorkshire, we can help any size of business to improve the numeracy skills of their employees. Talk to us about your needs and we’ll provide you with bespoke training, or you can use the courses we already have available; both of these options are provided for free.

Facing how you feel about numbers can be the first step towards getting better at maths. Many of our learners have improved their maths using the National Numeracy Challenge, which is designed to help adults that aren’t confident with numbers. Give it a try; as they say on their welcome page, however you feel about maths, you’re not alone.

Contact us now to find out more about the free range of activities and courses we have on offer – you won’t look back.

multiply project
multiply project


Our local delivery partners are trusted community organisations located throughout York and North Yorkshire. By working through these organisations, our support is provided in local venues instead of more traditional classroom settings. This creates a supportive, guided, but low-pressure environment for our learners.

Get Started

Fully Funded

We’re able to provide you with free support because the Multiply project in North Yorkshire has been given £2.6 million from the UK Shared Prosperity Fund. This project will run until March 2025 and the main aim is to improve the numeracy skills of working age people in the UK.

Our mission is to support people in York and North Yorkshire to improve their maths skills in fun and creative ways.

We want to help you to manage your money better, to improve your number skills and confidence, and to support your children with their learning.